Alaska Auto Transport

Vehicle Transportation Services to fit every need

Alaska Auto Transport is proud to offer different services designed to meet your needs. Whether you are interested in economical shipping or expedited, we can offer both. If you need to have your sports car shipped enclosed, we have a specialized racking system that is engineered to securely transport your dream car protecting it from the elements with no cross docking. The economical shipping allows up to 250 pounds of personal items to be shipped in the vehicle between Kent, WA and Alaska, at no extra charge. **Restrictions apply see our FAQ page.

Vehicle shipping to and from Alaska and Washington

Economical sailings depart weekly with an estimated 10-14 days from sailing.


Expedited sailings depart twice a week with an estimated time of arrival of 6 days.


Our economical car shipping service for everyday vehicles departs weekly from either Alaska or Washington. This service provides enclosed protection for your vehicle during shipment. Using our specialized rack system, your vehicle is securely loaded in a 53-foot container, thus keeping it protected from the elements and other hazards. As an additional service, we allow up to 250 pounds of personal effects to be shipped in your vehicle at no additional charge!


If using the Expedited Service a fee of $150 for personal items with restrictions.

Shipping Rates

Call 907-222-6666


Our prices vary widely depending on the dimensions of your car